The new year didn’t start very well for me and for my son. Even on winter vacation, we again got sick. Since he started kindergarten, he  has been sick numerous  times. If he is sick, I am following  him. I can cope with anything except with the cough. Within 3 months I got three times cough and I have been trying different cough syrups and home made cocktails for the cough.
But I don’t want to talk to you about sickness and to sound like an elderly  woman.
Therefore let’s begin the day with a cup of hot tea with rum and a warm chicken soup not only for the body, but and for the soul.

For a good chicken soup, you will need a meat with the bones, because will give you a more flavor. But the best chicken soups is made from home growing chickens.
I remember this time when I was a little girl and live with my parents in a small village. We always raced chickens and all sort of animals and we produced our food in the garden. My parents still alive, but they are too old to do this anymore. This memories are unforgettable and they always will remind me for my childhood, for the taste of my mom’s food and my father’s home made wine and rakia. Rakia is a national Bulgarian strong alcoholic beverage, what can be made from any kind of fruit.
And I always will be that little girl who never have been stop dreaming.


chicken with bones ( chicken quarters, tights) – 2lbs
onion – 1 medium, fine chopped
carrots – 1, cut into small cubes
green bell pepper – 1/2, cut into 1/2 ” strips
potato – 1 big, cut into cubes
chicken bullion  – 1 big cube
thin spaghetti , chopped into 1.1/2 ” – 1 cup
egg – 1
plaint yogurt – 5-6 Tbsp.
flour – 1 Tbsp.


Put the chicken in a large pot, cover the chicken with water and cook over medium heat.
When it starts to foam, discard the foam with a spoon.
When the water get clear of foam, add a cube bouillon.
Cook the chicken until it begins to separate easily from the bones. Discard the cooked chicken from water and put it in a plate.
In the same pot and water, which is boiled chicken, add all the vegetables. Salt to taste. Boil them until soft.
Meanwhile, when the chicken slightly cooled down, remove the bones and shred it into small pieces.
Return the chicken back in the pot.
When the vegetables get soft, add the noodles and cook until
they are done.
Remove, the pot from the heat.
In a small saucepan, combine the egg, flour and yogurt and whisk well. Cook over medium heat with constant stirring, until thickened.
Remove it  from the heat. Fill the saucepan with part of the soup, stir it and return to the heat. Cook another 1-2 minutes. Remove it from the stove, add pepper and thyme and pour it into the soup. Mix well.
Garnish with fresh parsley.


пиле с кокали –  1 кг
лук – 1 средно голям, ситно нарязан
моркови – 1, нарязани на малки кубчета
зелена чушка – 1, нарязани на 2 см.ленти
картофи – 1 голям, нарязани на кубчета
пилешки бульон – 1
фиде – 1 ч. чаша
яйцe – 1
кисело мляко – 5-6 с. лъжици

брашно – 1 с.лъжица
черен пипер
пресен магданоз

Начин на приготвяне:

Сложете пилето в голяма тенджера, покрийте го с вода и го варете на умерен огън.
Когато започне да се образува пяна, отсранете я с лъжица.
Когато водата се избистри от пяната, добавете кубче бульон.
Варете пилете, докато то започне да се отделя лесно от костите. Готовото пиле извадете в отделна чиния.
Във същата тенджера и вода, където е вряло пилето, добавете всички зеленчуци. Посолете на вкус. Варете ги до омекване.
Междувременно, когато пилето леко поизстине, отсранете костите и го накъсайте на малки парчета.
Върнете пилето обратно в тенджерата при зеленчуците.Когато зеленчуците омекнат, добавете фидето и гответе докато фидето е сварено.
Отсранете тенджерата от котлона.
В малка тенджера смесете яйцето, брашното и киселото мляко и разбийте добре. Варете на умерен огън с непрекъснато бъркане, докато се сгъсти. Остранете от котлона, допълнете тенджерата със супа и върнете обратно на котлона. Варете още 1- 2 минути.
Добавете в засройката чер пипер и чубрица и я излейте в супата. Разбъркайте добре.
Нарежете пресен магданоз.


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Chicken noodle soup/ Пилешка супа с фиде

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